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Euromaritime is launching a call for applications to recruit maritime startups for its new SEAnnovation area.


The SEAnnovation area will present around fifteen startups offering innovative technologies that can be applied to one of the four key sectors of blue growth: naval activities, port activities, transport and technologies of the future (environment, MRE, bioresources, protection and conservation). Pitches and roundtables will also punctuate the three days of the exhibition.






ACQUA®.eco / BioMicrobics® France is a company specializing in water and wastewater treatment. We develop via BioMicrobics® (a world leader in water treatment and reuse) and market advanced technologies and innovative products capable of removing up to 99.9% of the contaminants.


BIOCEANOR has developed the first underwater weather station for real time and predictive monitoring of water quality.


We carry a project of a multi purpose intervention vessel, autonomous in energy, dedicated to the protection of the coast, as well as the fight against pollution.




D-ICE Engineering is a deeptech company offering intelligents solutions and systems based on breakthrough technologies to the maritime industries.




DIODON Drone Technology is a startup specialised in the development and the production of UAV made for reconnaissance, surveillance and inspection missions in rough environments.




Founded in 2014, the ESCADRONE company is specialized in the sale of civilian drones for professional use.




FinX is a biomimetic technology, meaning that we are inspired by the swordfish movement to create this new nautical propulsion. This system allows up to 30% power saving compared to a propeller at the same speed.




R&D and marketing of fixed or folding anchors including the patented "Stop-Anchor" system, which allows them to be more efficient and more environmentally friendly.




IDOCEAN is an inshore engineering firm specializing in the development of digital and robotic tools for the inspection and expertise of submerged structures.




Internest has developped a precise and robust positionning system allowing autonomus deck landing on moving vessels.




Notilo Plus develops underwater wireless technologies. Its first two products, iBubble and Seasam, are the first autonomous underwater drones capable of accurately tracking their targets.




Expert in marine robotics SEA PROVEN imagines the boats of the future and is positioned as a world key player in the surface marine drone market.




SEAROUTES is a cloud based route planning and weather routing solution for freight — Dynamic APIs to better plan, route and refine.




A wide range of marine consultancy, technical & operational services.




Based in Marseille, Syroco is an innovation lab focused on improving the efficiency of the maritime transport industry. Syroco leverages synergies with the industry to bring to market new solutions that reduce the environmental footprint.




TUITO is a design and engineering company specializing in Human Machine Interactions (HMI).




UNSEENLABS is a French company from Brittany whose core business is the development, production and operation of innovative Earth observation instruments, specialized in the detection of electromagnetic emissions.







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