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4th February 2020


9:00am | Exhibition opening


9.30am - 10.30am | Inaugural visit


10.30am | Beginning of the opening conferences


10h35 | Intervention
-    Christine Cabau the President of Euromaritime exhibition


10:40 | Intervention
-    Hervé Martel,
Chairman of the Management Board of the Grand port maritime de Marseille


10:50 | Intervention
-    Denis Robin, Secretary General of the Sea


11:10 | Cross-talk
From Green Deal to Green Blue Deal
-    Catherine Chabaud, Member of the European Parliament
-    Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, Secretary General, Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals (Feport)


11:25 | Interview
Presentation of the IUCN 2020 World Conservation Congress in Marseille in June

-    Marjorie Hagobian, Regional Mobilization Officer, Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, General Secretariat "major international biodiversity events"


Thematic sequence: Ecological transition, decision-makers already committed to progress in the maritime economy



11:30 | Cross-talk
Making France the world leader of maritime energy transition
-    Christine Cabau, Central Executive Director, Group Assets, CMA CGM
-    Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan, president of the French maritime cluster



11:45 | Intervention
Maritime industries at the forefront of environmental innovation
-    Hervé Guillou, President of the Gican and the maritime industrial sector.



11:55 | Cross-talk
Shipowners committing to responsible maritime transport
-    Philippe Louis-Dreyfus, president of the maritime task force of Medef international
-    Jean-Marc Roué, president of Armateurs de France



12:10 | Intervention
River transport, an actor in energy and climate transition
-    Didier Léandri, president of Entreprises fluviales de France



12.30pm | Break
Themed half-day
The issues of energy and ecological transition for marine industries



2.15pm | Interview
How post-2020 legislation will drive energy innovation

-    Jean-Philippe Quitot, Director of Martime affaires, Head of Mission Commercial Fleet

-    Paul Tourret, Director of Isemar (Higher Institute of Maritime Economics)



2.25pm | Round table
The challenges of ecological transition and acceptability for passenger transportation
-     Erminio Eschena, President of Clia (Cruise Lines International Association) France
-    Jacques Hardelay, President of Chantiers navals de Marseille
-    Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée, President of Ponant
-    Jean-François Suhas, President of the Club de la Croisière Marseille Provence and President of the GPMM development
-    Stéphane Reiche, Executive Officer, Grand port maritime de Marseille



3.05pm | Joint interview
Coalition for maritime ecological and energy transition
-    Emmanuel-Marie Peton, Manager of Innovation and Transformation of the French maritime cluster  
-    Katia Ronzeau, Ecosysgroup

-    Guilhem Isaac Georges, CMA CGM Director of Sustainable Development



3.25pm | Presentation
Surfrider Greenshipping label of Marine Europe
-    Antidia Citores, lobbying coordinator at Surfrider Foundation Europe



3.30pm | Round Table
The rise in importance of LNG, the approach to biogas
-    Alain Giacosa, Director of the LNG platform for marine & river fuel
-    Jérôme Leprince-Ringuet Managing Director Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS)
-    Patrick Augier, Commander of the Marseilles Fire Brigade

-    Pierre Giudici, CMA CGM’s Head of Energy Studies and Business Development



4pm | Break



4.30pm | Presentation
Conversion of the Samuel de Champlain dredger to LNG
-    Arnaud Chotard, Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque, Project Manager
-    Yann Tanguy, Sales manager, MAN Energy Solutions France



4.40pm | Interview
Hydrogen on the approach
-    Sami Kanerva, Senior Principal Engineer, ABB
-    Matthieu Blanc,
COO / Fluvial Business Manager, Regional Director, CFT



4.55pm | Round table
Electricity is gaining ground and autonomy  
-    Xavier de Montgros, President of AFBE
-    Germain Lemarié, Marine business unit manager,Groupe Snef

-     Mohamed Ait-Moulay, Local Business Line Manager Marine & Port, ABB
-    Philippe Pallu de la Barrière, President of Alternative Energies



5.30pm | Round table
Sail propulsion: solutions coming to fruition
-    Marine Jobin, Manager of buisness development, Cnim
-    Nicolas Sdez, Project manager and performance engineer, Ayro
-    Marc Van Peteghem, Founder of VPLP
-    Nils Joyeux, CEO, Zéphyr et Borée



6pm | End of the first day of debates





5th February 2020


9.30am | Conferences resume



Themed half-day
Euro-Mediterranean maritime cooperation



9.30am | Intervention

Mediterranean cooperation with States
-    Laurent Isnard, Rear Admiral, maritime prefect of the Mediterranean


9:45 | Interview
La Blue Med Initiative
-    Elena Ciappi, National Research Council of Italy - Institute of Marine Engineering, representing the BlueMed Initiative


9.55am | Round table
International cooperation in the field of State action at sea in the western Mediterranean

-    Commissaire général Thierry Duchesne, adjoint du préfet maritime pour l'action de l'État en mer
-    Capitaine de Vaisseau Georges-Antoine Florentin, Commander of the operational center of the French Navy in Toulon
-    Philippe Michaud, Director of CROSS Méditerrannée
-    Éric Salles, Head of the Maritime Customs Operational Center




10.45am | Break



11.15am | Round table
Euro-Mediterranean port prospects
-    Jean-Christophe Baudoin, Interministerial Delegate for the development of the Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône port and logistics axis

-    Commanding officer Ezzedine Kacem, Founding President of the Tunisian Maritime Cluster
-    Philippe Guillaumet, Secretary General of Medports
-    Anne-Marie Cuesta, General delegate of the Brittany naval hub

-    Franck Antich y Amengual, Lorient Port Center
-    Jean-Claude Gayssot, président de Medlink Ports




12h15 | Intervention
Floating wind turbine, an opportunity for port development
-    Julien Marchal, Director of Development, Naval Energies



12.30pm | Break


Themed half-day
Digitalisation of the maritime and port world



2.30pm | Round table
Smart ships, smart yards: the prospects
-    Stéphane Dardel, Naval architect, NDAR
-    Christophe Chauvière, Director Marine France & Dom Tom, Bureau Veritas
-    Christophe Avellan, Deputy director in charge of innovation and the "naval and nautical" strategic field of action, Mediterranean Sea Cluster
-    Dominique Audion, Chief Operating Officer, IEC Telecom

-    Marc Léger, Assistant to the Deputy Director of Safety and Ecological Transition of Ships in the Directorate of Maritime Affairs


3.45pm | Break


4.15pm | Presentation
Blockchain and Intermodality sea and rivers: the MeRS project
-    Christophe Reynaud, innovation manager, Marseille Gyptis International
-    Laurent Henocque, founder and CEO of KeeeX

-    Alain Maliverney, Director of Logi Ports Shuttle (Sogestran Group)



4.45pm | Round table
Cargo Community Systems, Port Community Systems and Blockchain are gaining momentum: port developments

-    Nadia Hafsi, Marketing Director at PortNet SA
-    Fabienne Margail, general delegate, Medlink Ports
-    Dominique Lebreton, Audit, Projects and Marketing Director at Marseille Gyptis International

-    Gary Pogson, Principal Specialist, Marine and Offshore Innovation, Lloyd’s Register
-    Sylvain Prévot, Traxens Director of Strategy
-    François Bottin, Digital Director of CMA CGM



5.50pm | End of the second day of debates





6th February 2020


9:30 | Cross-talk
Naval construction, refit, dismantling: how to adapt to environmental necessities?

-     David Queva, Operationel director of the Monaco Marine Group

-    François Lambert, General Delegate of the Group of Shipbuilding Industries and Activities (Gican)


10.30am | Break



11.00am - 12.30pm | Conference
Launch of the 2020 Smart Port Challenge



12.30pm | Break








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