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Programme subject to change.



Tuesday February 1st, afternoon :



1st: Global logistical difficulties: how do manufacturers manage their flows in a fast-growing market?



2nd: The challenges of carbon reduction at global level: are we moving fast enough?






Wednesday February 2nd, morning :




3rd: How can digitisation enable quicker progress in the management of a ship? Is there not a risk of dehumanisation?



4th: Cyber threats are becoming more and more prevalent. What are the solutions and prospects?



5th: Environmental constraints on shipbuilding







Wednesday February 2nd, afternoon :



6th: Electrification on the quayside, what future and what funding?



7th: Hydrogen, what are the issues for maritime professionals?






Thursday February 3rd, morning :



8th: Passenger transport and luxury cruising in the face of changes in society.



9th: Construction and refit of large yachts in today’s world of carbon reduction





Thursday February 3, afternoon :



10th: The digital revolution of maritime industries I To register : Click here










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