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4th February 2020


9am – 11am | Exhibition opening

11am – 12.30pm | Round table: The role of Marseille within the maritime economy


2.30pm - 5.30pm |The stakes of energy and ecological transition for marine industries

  • Intervention: Ministry for Ecological Transition and Solidarity on the Sails Charter
  • Round table: Investing to prepare for new regulations in ports and at sea
  • Intervention: Surfrider Greenshipping Label
  • Focus: joint interventions from MAN and Damen on the move to LNG by the Samuel de Champlain dredger
  • Round table: Propulsion: the energy transition revolution




5th February 2020


9.30 – 12.30pm | Euro-Mediterranean maritime cooperation

Opening with the Mediterranean maritime Prefect on Mediterranean cooperation with neighbouring states

  • Round table: Mediterranean ports: synergies or competition?
  • Joint interview: Medlink and VNF on sea and river intermodality
  • Interview: Dominique Bouvier, president of Evolen
  • Round table: State action at sea in the Mediterranean basin


2.30pm | Digitalisation of the maritime and port world

  • Round table: Must everything be digitalised? Why, what are the consequences?
  • Round table: Focus on technologies: Blockchain, smartport, smartship, smartyard… The future is already here.




6th February 2020


9.30 – 12.30pm | An innovative and responsible marine industry, from vessel construction to dismantling

  • Round table: Green technologies as a catalyst for a new blue economy
  • Round table: Actors in the pleasure cruise industry as a leader of a sustainable economy  









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