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Tuesday, June 28 :


Afternoon :


Round table. Global logistical difficulties: how do manufacturers manage their flows with a booming market?



Round table. The challenges of decarbonization at the global level: are we going fast enough? Does the European Union not risk being penalized if it goes faster but alone?



Wednesday 29 June :


Morning :


Round table. How, concretely, does digitization allow faster progress in the management of a ship? Isn't there a risk of dehumanization?


Round table. The increasingly significant cyber risk, how to manage it, what solutions?


Round table. Environmental constraints on construction sites


Afternoon :

Round table. Electrification at quayside with the strong will of the European Union: what profitability for shipowners who produce less expensive electricity on board? What funding for ports, here and in the Maghreb?



Round table. Hydrogen, what challenges for maritime professionals?



Thursday 30 June :

Morning :


Round table. The construction and refit of yachts in the era of decarbonization.



Round table. Passenger transport and luxury cruising in the face of changes in society: how to better integrate these activities into the societal environment: problem of mooring, acceptance of cruise ships… Focus on the Mediterranean


Afternoon :


 Académie de Marine Centenary Conference: The digital revolution of maritime industries. Pre-register here




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