Services (certification, financement, assurances)

In 2007, ADINVEST was founded by SME owners who couldn’t find the right solution to their needs. Over time, the company developed the Mentoring for SME/SMI based on a collaborative platform and European networks of partners. By 2017, ADINVEST becomes one of the leading pioneer of SME Mentoring in Europe through a professional social network (ADINVEST platform), a European certification on Business Mentoring and the economic development of territories (INSIST project and TRUST ME). ADINVEST international responds effectively to the needs of European SMEs with a similar mentoring approach. This support is mainly focused on some “key phases” which include European aid and fundraising in order to enhance companies’ value: • New product launch, diversification • International growth • Acquisition of a competitor or a company • Entry of investors in the capital • The sale of a business This model is expanding in franchise, particularly in Europe.

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