Euromaritime is launching for the second time to recruit maritime startups for its new SEAnnovation area.


The SEAnnovation area will present around fifteen startups offering innovative technologies that can be applied to one of the four key sectors of blue growth: naval activities, port activities, transport and technologies of the future (environment, MRE, bioresources, protection and conservation). Pitches and roundtables will also punctuate the three days of the exhibition.


In 2022, theses startups will exhibit:



AquaTech Innovation

AquaTech Innovation deploys solutions to preserve our water resources.



BlueNav is determined to bring the silent revolution to sailors and focus on what matters. With an engineering office, an innovation lab and its own manufacturing workshops, BlueNav has developed a complete ecosystem around clean energy and propulsion.

  She is committed to meeting the challenge of user-friendly and environmentally friendly mobility. BlueNav is supported by a network of integrators and architects nationwide and soon throughout Europe.


CARWATT designs electrification kits including new or second life lithium-ion batteries, as well as all the electromechanical systems (motors, electromechanics, transmissions, chargers...), adapted to the power and autonomy needs of its customers.

  The kit replaces the original combustion system and offers a "clean" second life to your boats. River or port navigation provides the ideal conditions for a successful conversion. CARWATT offers an affordable and ecological solution to fleet owners who wish to limit the impact of their activity on the environment.


Fast Paint repairs are allowed by CorsoPatch: Local paint repairs can be made in less than 40min, when traditional methods require several days to allow different layers of the system to dry. Founded in 2007, Corso Magenta transforms liquid paint into fast, sustainable and dry paint film.

  Thanks to this unique process, Corso Magenta considerably increases the robustness of paint, eliminates drying time and makes it possible to integrate functionalities. This technology offers efficient solutions to save time: in sales, maintenance, manufacturing, operating and production.

DIODON Drone is a French startup specializing in maritime UAS for ISR operations.





Till now digital transformation solutions required complex equipment upgrades, making automated monitoring of existing machinery and equipment prohibitively expensive to owners and operators.

eyeGauge defines a new approach to affordable digitalization.



Our mission is to facilitate and democratize the world of Industrial IoT with an easy and affordable access to smart data. To equip our customers with actionable insights that allow them to increase efficiency and create more value and better user experiences.

We create solutions that make digital transformation of existing equipment simple and accessible.



MaDfly – Marine Drone Services - offers services by Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) to meet the access constraints of the maritime, onshore and offshore environment. We bring the value of the drone for inspection, as well as all the interventions facilitated by this tool, indoor, outdoor and underwater.


  Inspection and maintenance of confined spaces and those with limited access (height or other) or underwater is a challenge. With its maritime and industrial experience, MaDfly selects the best innovations to make these dangerous areas accessible in a safer and more efficient way. The human risk, the downtime and the overall cost are reduced.



NEAC-Industry, an engineering and applied research company, founded to develop an Autonomous and Connected Electric Waterborne Shuttle concept: NEAC® to navigate coastal areas and waterways smart cities. The company's core business is the development and sales of an autonomous navigation system, allowing self-directed navigation dedicated to passenger and freight transportation.

  This intelligent navigation assistance is based on an on-board digital solution: ASPEDSA® (Autonomous Ship Positioning and Environmental Detection for Steering Action). This groundbreaking technological innovation will facilitate the captain's tasks, provide sustainable and safer mobility services on waterways.



The Overboat® is a high performance electrically propelled boat with electronically regulated foils. It is extremely stable, produces no CO2 emissions, no noise and no wake. 

  An Archimedean version was developed for water at regulated speed. At constant speed, the Overboat® consumes 10 to 20 times less energy than a boat of similar size with thermal propulsion.


NepTech is designing zero emission, efficient and intelligent naval mobility solution. Our vessels are hydrogen-propulsed 12 to 24m catamaran capable of carrying up to 150 passengers or 20 tons of cargo.



Boats for the planet" is a builder-rental compagny of 100% Solar-powered,100% energy-autonomous,100% recyclable pleasure Boats. These boats are intended either for navigation or for floating habitat.




Seanergy offers innovative and competitive seawater desalination technology - an alternative to the best technologies in place. This process is based on the separation of pure water during a cooling cycle and unlike competing methods, it provides 3 major advantages: no production of pollutants or chemicals, consumes a small amount of energy and infrastructure is reduced.




Apply this technology to the production of green hydrogen by making it possible to improve the production capacities of the electrolysis of pure water. Seanergy provides renewable energy producers and particularly in areas where green energy is abundant and at low cost, energy storage and transport solutions.




SEAPort Solutions SL is a start-up company created in 2020 that offers a technological solution from the family of PortCDM (Collaborative Decision Making) systems to optimize port call processes based on automated real-time information exchange among the stakeholders.
SEAPort is owned and driven by Fundación Valenciaport, Infoport and Hiades Consulting, three entities with a wide experience, expertise and background in the maritime-port sector.
Our solution, PAULA (Platform for AUtomatically Linking Agents), is a pioneering tool in the maritime-port sector developed with FIWARE components.


It facilitates data exchange among all the agents that participate in the processes, i.e. estimations, actual, required and planned events.

The tool can be customized to the characteristics and particularities of each port and its operation. Once deployed, the system aims to improve processes’ efficiency through shared digital information in real time by means of an international standard (it is compatible with IALA S-211 and DCSA), system integration and the creation of a framework for collaboration among all the agents involved in these operations (i.e. port authorities, terminal operators, pilots, mooring providers, towage companies, port control, etc.).



Smart Sailors

Founded in 2016 by a sailor and his brother IT engineer to allow shipowners to get a global and real time vue of their fleet. Smart Sailors develops easy to-use mobile and digital tools that automatically synchronize data between ships and shipowner’s offices.



FLEET : the fastest CMSS tool to launch in your company As an online software with a mobile app that works without connection, the FLEET module developed by Smart Sailors allows the operators to manage their ships and equipments, to easily plan their maintenances, to get automated notifications and consult their maintenances’ or consumptions’ history and forecasts very easily.

CREW : managing a crew has never been easier ! The CREW module allows Smart Sailors’ users to manage their crew lists, their staff patents and trainings or to plan and follow the working hours of their team very easily.



CetraC is a start-up specializing in safe and secure embedded Ethernet networks for a wide range of critical applications.







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