Meet the cybersecurity actors ion Euromaritime !







Euromaritime, the biennial exhibition for blue growth, unites maritime industrialists.



In partnership with France Cyber Maritime, Euromaritime is setting up a SEAgital space offering both cybersecurity solutions and the latest digital applications applicable to the many fields of the maritime industry and economy.



Industrial and institutional players in the cyber sector are invited to exhibit at Euromaritime’s SEAgital space and to take part in the presentations, round tables and business meetings that will be organised throughout the show.



Cyber threats that weigh heavily on our highly digitised societies are now also very prevalent in the maritime sector where digital security requires a global approach.



The numerous interconnected systems are potentially exposed to digital malware, with dramatic consequences for the safety of vessels, the conduct of operations or mission completion and more broadly on the supply and economic sovereignty of France.






This Euro-Mediterranean event will bring together the leading players in the maritime industry in the following areas:


  • Naval and inland waterway construction and equipment,
  • Maritime and river ports and logistics, security, safety and multimodality,
  • Maritime and river transport of people and goods,
  • Technologies of the future linked to renewable energies, ocean protection
    and bio-resources









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