Trade fair for an innovative marine industry

30 | 31 janUARY > 1ST fEBRUARY 2024, Marseille

Trade fair for an innovative marine industry

3 FEBRUARY > 5 FEBRUARY 2026, Marseille

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Created in 2008, OWN is a Pure Player in cybersecurity, based in Paris, Rennes and Toulouse, but with a presence throughout France with its fully remote employees. OWN is a multi-specialist company with 70 collaborators, fluent in over 10 languages, and experts in Audit, Consulting, Cyber Intelligence (Threat Intelligence), Incident Response (CERT) and Managed SOC. OWN […]



Hogo provides you with integrated solutions to secure your information system. Our white stations are CSPN – First Level Security Certification – certified by ANSSI. Our mission is to protect industries and public services from threats related to removable USB storage devices.   We have developed white-box solutions that allow data to be transferred from […]

Seacure / Geocorail


Seacure carries out environmentally-friendly underwater work.

We combat erosion, repair harbors and build structures in a way that respects nature, thanks to our electrochemical GEOCORAIL process. This consists of producing a rocky agglomerate in the marine environment from elements naturally present in the local ecosystem (sand, sediment, shell debris, etc.). The resulting material is solid and durable. It enables us to offer our customers and local authorities a long-term solution to the problems of their maritime and port structures, while reinforcing their environmental, cost optimization and circular economy approach.

GEOCORAIL is manufactured in situ using the electrolysis process. It is easy and inexpensive to install.

Building on our expertise, we are also active in the underwater sector, whether in ports or on the coast. We have a wide range of applications, including geotubes, gabion dikes, anti-swamping systems, dock and sheet piling protection, and anchoring for floating solar power plants. We are autonomous when it comes to underwater work, from inspection and diagnosis of the structure to the completion of complex projects. Seacure also has particular expertise in cathodic protection and electrochemistry (Cathodic Protection for the Sea Sector – Level 3, according to CEFRACOR classification).



MaDfly – Marine Drone Services – offers services by Unmanned Vehicle Systems
(UVS) to meet the access constraints of the maritime, onshore and offshore
environment. We bring the value of the drone for inspection, as well as all the
interventions facilitated by this tool, indoor, outdoor and underwater.

Inspection and maintenance of confined spaces and those with limited access
(height or other) or underwater is a challenge. With its maritime and industrial
experience, MaDfly selects the best innovations to make these dangerous areas
accessible in a safer and more efficient way. The human risk, the downtime and
the overall cost are reduced.



XUNORD is a spin-off company of the INNOVO group (www.innovoteam.com), which has been active for 15 years in the field of marine robotics and underwater construction, primarily within the energy sector.
XUNORD has developed, patented, and produced a family of USVs (Uncrewed Surface Vessels) named OCEANDRONE, primarily designed for Submarine Infrastructure Protection, Seabed Mapping & Survey and Maritime Awarenes



NepTech, a maritime innovation lab’, designs low-carbon, efficient and, modular passenger and cargo vessels. NepTech is developing a range of electro-hydrogen-powered catamarans from 10 to 30m that can carry up to 200 passengers or 20 tons of cargo, for maritime or river applications. To design the most efficient solution possible, NepTech is developing cutting-edge innovations […]

VH Quatrevingtreize


The first renewable energy production ship adapted to climate change VH Quatrevingtreize developed a hydroturbine producing renewable energy. The technology, patented worldwide, is now used as part of hybrid ships which transform wind and wave energy into energy usable for humanity.The ship is able to find the renewable energy where it is and when it […]