Trade fair for an innovative marine industry

30 | 31 janUARY > 1ST fEBRUARY 2024, Marseille

Trade fair for an innovative marine industry

3 > 5 FEBRUARY 2026, Marseille

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EUROMARITIME 2024 revamps the extension of SEAprotect, launched in 2022 to reflect the growing awareness of pollution in the marine and inland waters world and the steps taken by governments, academia and industry.

SEAprotect is focussed on the depollution actions needed to reduce it and protect these areas from plastics and related pollutions but also from hydrocarbons.

Depollution emerged from the oil spills that have been brought under control by combined actions, of governments and industries.

The international community is now deploying to act over the new pollutions produced by waste plastics entering the waterways and seas.

This is a vital issue, as ten’s of millions of tonnes of plastic waste continues to enter the seas every year, with both macro and micro plastic pollution reaching all parts of the seas and coastal areas.

SEAprotect is inviting key players from government, academia and industry to both exhibit and also participate in high level debates and conference presentations to illustrate the scope of activity being taken to protect the seas today.

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