#Schedule of the show 09h00 - 18h00 | Tuesday 4 February 2020 | Conferences / SEAnnovation area

Euromaritime – Conferences programmation

Dates and times are given as an indication only.
Schedules are subject to change.

9:00am | Exhibition opening

9.30am - 10.30am | Inaugural visit

10.30am | Beginning of the opening conferences


"Day of Employment" on the Ship of Trades, in partnership with France Bleu Provence


9.00am - 4.00pm | Burn test | Thevenin & Ducrot exhibitor | Stand B01


10.00pm | Navigation & Augmented Reality | Furuno France exhibitor | Stand F22

10.35am - 10.50am | Intervention


11.00am | IMO Tier III: Exhaust Emission Solutions | NPS DIESEL exhibitor | Stand A25

11.10am | Cross-talk
From Green Deal to Green Blue Deal

11.25am | Interview
Presentation of the IUCN 2020 World Conservation Congress in Marseille in June

Thematic sequence | Ecological transition, decision-makers already committed to progress in the maritime economy  

11.30 | Cross-talk
Making France the world leader of maritime energy transition


11.40am – 12.25pm | SEAnnovation STARTUP pitch session 1 | SEAnnovation area

With SerEnMar-Ship As A Service(r) | IDOCEAN | | D-ICE Engineering | BIOCEANOR | Notilo Plus | Internest | TUITO

11.45am | Intervention
Maritime industries at the forefront of environmental innovation

11.55am | Cross-talk
Shipowners committing to responsible maritime transport

12.10pm | Intervention
River transport, an actor in energy and climate transition

Themed half-day
The issues of energy and ecological transition for marine industries


2.00pm | Press presentation | ECA Group exhibitor | Stand K13

2.15pm | Interview
How post-2020 legislation will drive energy innovation

2.25pm | Round table
The challenges of ecological transition and acceptability for passenger transportation


2.30pm – 3.30pm | SEAnnovation | ROUND TABLE "What funding for start-ups" with AD INVEST, BPI France, CREDIT MARITIME, MER ANGELS | SEAnnovation area


3.05pm | Joint interview
Coalition for maritime ecological and energy transition


3.25pm | Presentation
Surfrider Greenshipping label of Marine Europe

3.30pm | Round Table
The rise in importance of LNG, the approach to biogas


4.00pm – 4.50pm | SEAnnovation | STARTUP pitch session 2 | SEAnnovation area

With KEYNOTES - CMA CGM | Syroco | Gmpro | Escadrone | Corsican Blue Project | Seaproven | SEAROUTES | DIODON Drone Technology | FinX | Unseenlabs


4.00pm | Presentation of NEOPOLIA, a unique cluster in France and Europe | Neopolia exhibitor | Stand E05

4.30pm | Presentation
Conversion of the Samuel de Champlain dredger to LNG

4.40pm | Interview
Hydrogen on the approach

4.55pm | Round table
Electricity is gaining ground and autonomy  

5.30pm | Round table
Sail propulsion: solutions coming to fruition


5.00pm | MAN Fluid Monitor Certification Presentation | MAN exhibitor | Stand G20

6pm | End of the first day of debates

#Schedule of the show 09h00 - 18h00 | Wednesday 5 February 2020 | Conferences / SEAnnovation area

Euromaritime – Conferences programmation

Dates and times are given as an indication only.
Schedules are subject to change.

9.30am | Conferences resume  


9.00am - 4.00pm | burn test | Thevenin & Ducrot exhibitor | Stand B01

Themed half-day
Euro-Mediterranean maritime cooperation  

9.30am | Intervention
Mediterranean cooperation with States  

9:45 | Interview
La Blue Med Initiative


9.55am | Round table
International cooperation in the field of State action at sea in the western Mediterranean


10.00am - 5h00pm | Round table and OuestMED presentations | WestMed Initiative exhibitor | Stand L08


10.00am | Integration and deployment of unmanned systems from ships: The new challenge of Naval Architects | ECA Group exhibitor | Stand D05


10.45am - 11.35am | SEAnnovation | STARTUP pitch session 3 | SEAnnovation area

With KEYNOTES - TOTAL Lubmarine | DIODON Drone Technology | Gmpro | Escadrone | Syroco | Seaproven | SEAROUTES | Corsican Blue Project | FinX | Unseenlabs

11.15am | Round table
Euro-Mediterranean port prospects  


11.30am | 2nd year of presence in Marseille via a workshop / Presentation of MIB503 | Alfa Laval exhibitor | Stand A06

12h15 | Intervention
Floating wind turbine, an opportunity for port development

12.30pm | Break

Themed half-day
Digitalisation of the maritime and port world

2.30pm | Round table
Smart ships, smart yards: the prospects


2.30pm – 3.30pm | SEAnnovation | ROUND TABLE “How to integrate startups in the maritime ecosystem between major companies and SMEs?” with GICAN, UPF, UMF, POLE MER MEDITERRANEE | SEAnnovation area


3.45pm | Break


15h50 – 16h35 | SEAnnovation | STARTUP pitch session 4 | SEAnnovation area

With | TUITO | SerEnMar-Ship As A Service(r) | Internest | BIOCEANOR | IDOCEAN | D-ICE Engineering | Notilo Plus

16h15 | Présentation
Blockchain et Intermodalité mer et fleuves : le projet MeRS

4.15pm | Presentation
Blockchain and Intermodality sea and rivers: the MeRS project

4.45pm | Round table
Cargo Community Systems, Port Community Systems and Blockchain are gaining momentum: port developments

5.50pm | End of the second day of debates

#Schedule of the show 09h30 - 12h30 | Thursday 6 February 2020 | Conferences / SEAnnovation area

Euromaritime – Conferences programmation

Dates and times are given as an indication only.
Schedules are subject to change.


M. Djebbari, Minister of State for Transport, attached to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition | CANCELLED

9:30 | Cross-talk
Naval construction, refit, dismantling: how to adapt to environmental necessities?


9.00am - 4.00pm | burn test | Thevenin & Ducrot exhibitor | Stand B01


9.15am – 10.00am | SEAnnovation | STARTUP pitch session 5 | SEAnnovation area

With Escadrone | | BIOCEANOR | SerEnMar-Ship As A Service(r) | D-ICE Engineering | Notilo Plus | Seaproven | FinX


10.15am - 11.00am | ROUND TABLE « Focus on the Cruise industry in the South » | Clubs croisière de la région Sud : Marseille Provence Cruise Club, Var Provence Cruise Club et French Riviera Cruise Club exhibitor | VIP area, Pavillon Méditerranée


11.00am - 12.00pm | SEAnnovation  | Mer Angels presentations: startup pitches in front of Maritime Business Angels | SEAnnovation area

11.00am | Conference
Launch of the 2020 Smart Port Challenge



2.00pm - 3.00pm | Digital for the French maritime industry: outcomings of the PIPAME study | Conference area


3.00pm - 3.55pm | SEAnnovation | STARTUP pitch session 6 | Espace SEAnnovation


3.10pm - 3.40pm | Press conference | Conferences area
- Mrs Sophie Panonacle, Member for the Gironde
- Mr Saïd Ahamada, Member for Bouches-du-Rhône
- Mr Pierre Karleskind, Member of the European Parliament

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